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last week…

…I was in Seattle! I spent lots of time wandering, drinking coffee, hanging with some sweet college students and learning about how life is done in and around the different communities in the city. I’ll have a full post for you later this week, but for now, I gotta catch up on emails and editing! :)

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amber + pat

One thing we have not had a lot of in Michigan this winter is… snow. However, I have had a few sessions this winter where the couple has specifically stated, “I think it would be fun to have pictures in the snow!” My response has always been, “Not a problem! It’s Michigan – we will for sure have at least some snow!” I mean, come on, why would we NOT have snow in the winter in Michigan? Well, fortunately, even though we haven’t had much snow this winter, the little snowstorms we have had have come at the right time […]

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