Today, June 4, is a really, really important day. It is the day my parents vowed forever to each other… and this year, marks their 35th wedding anniversary!!
To say that I am grateful for their marriage and their love for each other would be an understatement. It has truly been a blessing to grow up with parents who are committed to each other and their family, who strive to be the best spouse they can be, the best parents they can be and the best examples they can be in their faith, their love and their lives.

Growing up, I never had to think twice if they loved each other. It was a fact that they lived out and reassured us of often… “Do you know I love your Mom, Jennifer? Because I do and I always will” (and then my Dad would typically give my Mom a kiss which would TOTALLY gross me out as an 8-year-old ;)). It took me a while to realize how important that was to me: to know without a shadow of a doubt that I had parents that were committed to each other forever. In a world where pain and hatred seem to be greater and people give up on each other and a lot of marriages end, my parent’s love has instilled a confidence in me that true love DOES exist and it is truly worth fighting for daily. But, they never promised me that it would be easy. I’ve seen them walk through many challenges – and at the end of the day, they still hold true to each other and to a God who provides an undying hope when all seems lost.

In our short 2.5 years of marriage (officially celebrated last week – woo!), it is evident that I have learned a lot of good from my own parent’s marriage and I’m thankful for the example that they have been and continue to be to Jonathan and I. They are patient with us, allow us to make mistakes, encourage the both of us and cheer us on in our marriage and dreams. I find joy in watching them continue to grow and learn from each other, from their kids and grandkids, and from their friends and colleagues. In the last few years they have become “empty nesters”, but have filled their time by caring for their neighbors and friends and taking on the role of “grandparent” with much excitement and joy… it’s so awesome to see!

Mom + Dad, thank-you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to love each other and instill truth in our lives. Thirty-five years of marriage is no small feat and I’m proud to declare this milestone! Enjoy celebrating your marriage this week! I love you!!

Last summer, just before my younger brother tied the knot, we were able to have the entire family together in Michigan for a little photo session. There’s another sweet baby girl on the way (no, not from me ;)), but here’s a little snapshot into my family!
35 years of marriage = 4 children and 4 weddings! Here are my three brothers and myself with our own spouses:Can’t wait to see how this “little” family is going to continue to grow over the years!

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