meet the anibals

Jenn-Anibal-128We are Jonathan + Jenn… and it’s nice to meet you!

We met in kindergarten, but fell in love when we were 18. Four years later, we were married in the sight of family and friends on a crisp November afternoon. It was one of the happiest days of our lives… and we fall further in love everyday. Marriage isn’t always easy, but to have a partner who is willing to wrestle + adventure through this journey together is a joy + a gift.

We were both born + raised in the Mitten state (aka Michigan). Individually + together, we have come to appreciate + love this GREAT Lakes State. We grew up on the “east side” – in the suburbs of Metro Detroit. Her family vacations were to the cottage in “the thumb”. His family vacations were to the chalet in Harbor Springs. College took Jenn to the “west side” where she fell in love with Grand Rapids and Lake Michigan… eventually Jonathan joined her there. Friends, family, and work consistently took us “up north”… now, we will never miss a chance to spend time in Northern Michigan! We spent two years living in downtown Detroit and now find ourselves living in a small house in Holland. We can’t keep still for long. But that means, we are SUPER familiar with this great state – and willing to travel all over for photos ;)

In spring of 2008, Jenn officially launched her photography business. When we married in 2009, Jonathan joined her full-time as a second shooter for weddings. Together, we have photographed over 150 wedding stories and love working as a team + celebrating with new couples as they step into marriage.

When we’re not out photographing, you might find us drinking coffee, going for walks around our neighborhood, hanging out on the beautiful Lake Michigan shore, or enjoying an evening with our friends. When we have a spare few days, we love to travel – whether it’s exploring our home state or a new city, we crave it.

We firmly believe that life should be spent sharing + living good stories. We would be honored to tell yours.