It was a cold, slushy, snowy morning in January. The coffee shop was bustling with individuals needing hot mochas, chai tea lattes or coffee. Old friends sat together as they caught up on a life… another meeting was happening in the other corner. I sat near the window, keeping my eyes on the door as if I was waiting for a blind date. There’s always a sense of excitement when I meet my clients for the first time and this time was no different. As I waited for my couple to arrive, I already knew I would really like them. They were a referral from a friend, and from what she had to say about them and after a brief conversation with the bride-to-be on the phone, I knew I couldn’t wait to meet them!

My thoughts were confirmed as soon as the couple walked through the door that snowy Saturday and as I spent a few hours with them a couple weeks ago for their engagement session. Andrea + Keith are super fun, caring and thoughtful individuals. They possess a deep love and sincerity towards each other, but it’s easy to see that they have a great time together, too. These two are getting married next month and from the sounds of it, I know their celebration won’t disappoint. I can’t wait!


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