As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to learn that sometimes, friends come and go. I don’t say this to sound pessimistic, because I’m naturally an optimistic person. Life takes us on each of our own paths and sometimes jobs, schools, and families relocate us. As I have watched friends take new paths and start new journeys, I’ve learned that its a little bittersweet. There is excitement for the road ahead of them, but a twinge of sadness because of the knowledge that your relationship won’t be the same after that. Sometimes, only a phone call, letter or Facebook will keep your relationship together. Sometimes, though your paths cross again… like with Angela.

Angela was a dear friend from my middle school youthgroup days. Over the course of a couple years, we kindled a wonderful friendship. However, after middle school, her family moved to California. We kept in contact the best we could through high school with AIM & emails. Eventually, her college plans brought her back to Michigan where she met Lucas, fell in love and began to settle in the middle of the Mitten. We were still separated by a couple hours, but we vowed to hang out and have a double date as soon as possible. Fast forward to this past summer – Lucas proposed and Angela contacted me immediately to chat about wedding plans. I was THRILLED! Photographing friends is one of the greatest honors AND I would finally get to meet Lucas!

Well, that double date we vowed took place about a month ago. We spent the afternoon shooting their engagement pictures and then finished the evening with some mexican food @ Little Mexico Cafe in downtown Grand Rapids. It was a delight to reconnect with an old friend, meet her future husband and, of course, eat delicious food with friends :)

Oh, and… Happy Birthday, Angela! ;)


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