our recent travels

In the last two weeks, I’ve found myself with my feet in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean… wandering around New York City and Los Angeles. Some of it was for work, some of it was for play, but it was all filled with adventure and beauty and friends and rest. I’m thankful that Jonathan and I had the chance to enjoy a couple weeks away during June – a month that is usually filled to the brim with shoots + weddings – but I’m also glad to be home, in Michigan. Absence makes the heart grow fonder… ‘eh? :)

Speaking of travels, the photo above was taken on a hike through Eaton Canyon in Altadena, California last week. Sometimes, it’s a good challenge (+ break) to not carry my “big” camera around, so I’m not constantly looking at the world through a camera lens. But, I almost always have my iPhone with me… and it’s a good backup when I still have the urge to snap a photo or two! This past week, it was fun to start sharing some of my iPhone photos online – away from Twitter and Facebook. If you’d like to keep up on some of my “everyday” snapshots… you can follow me here: JENNANIBAL.VSCO.CO. I’m hoping to keep it regularly updated this summer!

I’ve got a few weddings on deck to share with you, soon! Keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks to share in some of the awesome stories we’ve been a part of!

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julianne + brandon

Today, on this sunny Thursday afternoon, I am happy to share with you some favorites from a recent engagement session. It was a delight to spend the afternoon with Julianne + Brandon running around the park, hearing about how they fell in love and what plans are being made for their wedding + marriage. After only a couple hours with them, I could tell that they care for each other, love each other deeply – and are the best of friends. They are currently enduring a long-distance engagement, but soon, Brandon will be in Michigan and they will be wed and all will be well! Yay! :) I’m honored to be a part of this story and cannot wait to see it unfold – enjoy the preview!

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twenty-six years

my dearest husband,

TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY!! it’s the day we celebrate you + your life and everything you mean to this world!

this past year has been one of your best. you traveled from coast-to-coast – from mountains to riverbanks, desserts to waterfalls. you’ve gotten back into “high school” shape and ran your first 10k race (one of my proudest moments of you)! together, we moved into a new neighborhood and you thrived at the greater opportunities to build community. you challenged yourself and those around you to become better individuals. you stretched your intellect and knowledge through school work, church outlets and life circumstances. every day, you strive to be the best husband, friend, son, brother that you can be… and for that, i am eternally grateful.

my love, i am SO thrilled + honored to share this life with you. i am continually awed by your wisdom, your intuition, your perseverance, your strength and your ability to love deeply. i pray that your 26th year is amazing – full of growth and new adventures. i cannot wait to see what the next 365 days hold!

ps, you are so handsome. thanks for letting me take pictures of you as we adventure :)

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nick + becca // grand rapids, mi wedding

This day. Oh my, this day…

The day that Becca wore white and her dad gave her away. The day that Nick became a husband and was the happiest man alive. The day that the rain stopped and the sun shone. The day that friends laughed and cheered and cried. The day that promises were fulfilled, a covenant was made and a new chapter began.

This day was a good, good day and I am overjoyed to be able to finally share a glimpse into Nick + Becca’s wedding story. These two committed their lives to each other at a beautiful old church in downtown Grand Rapids. The details were simple + beautiful, the pews were full with dear friends + family and the sanctuary was brimming with anticipation, joy and life. Everything went off without a hitch (ok, their pastor forgot to have them exchange rings, but don’t worry, he promptly had them come back to the altar and properly give/receive them :) ). The reception was held at The Upper Room at their home church on the banks of the Grand River. There was delicious food, root beer floats, homemade cookies and lots of dancing. It was one of those days that you never wanted to end and one of those weddings that I was so thankful to be able to witness.

Today, I’m switching it up a bit and sharing their story in slideshow format… with a song that was a part of their ceremony. Nick + Becca, so many beautiful things have come from your lives already and I cannot wait to see what amazing things are yet to come as you journey together as husband + wife. Congratulations, my dear friends!

(p.s. i gotta give another big shout-out to my pal, Alyssa, for filling in for Jonathan as my second shooter at this wedding. she grabbed some awesome shots this day and i used a few of them in the video!)

nick + becca’s wedding day :: grand rapids, mi from jennanibal on Vimeo.

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ryan + lindsay // plymouth, mi wedding

It seemed as if every part of the day was perfect – the weather, the dress, the details, the party. But what caught my attention the most, was how perfectly Ryan + Lindsay adored each other and furthermore, how much their families were genuinely excited and joyful for their union. These two have been together since high school – they’ve attended prom together, dated throughout college, started their careers, and now, these two are husband + wife! There was anticipation and delight permeating throughout the entire day and I was so honored to be there to capture it!

Ryan + Lindsay said their vows at St. James Catholic Church in Novi, MI and the reception followed at The Meeting House Grand Ballroom in Plymouth, MI. Thank-you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding story, Ryan + Lindsay! I wish you two nothing but the best!

(p.s. A big shout-out to my bud, Alyssa, for filling in for Jonathan as my second shooter at this wedding. Some of the rad pictures below are hers!)

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