brad + fleur + madeline + ian

This is the second time this beautiful family has appeared on the blog. This time around, Madeline is four and Ian is two – and they are both still full of so much joy. We spent the morning adventuring through a blossoming apple orchard – one of my favorite places in the springtime. We basked in the sunshine, picked dandelion bouquets and hunted for fairies among the flower petals. Yep… it was a magical morning! :)

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jessica + barry

For all the beautiful warm, sunny spring days we’ve had in West Michigan, we have also had our share of cold, rainy spring days. Unfortunately, for Jessica + Barry, the forecast for their engagement session was the latter, but spirits were high and we decided to dodge the rain drops and enjoy the beauty of spring – even if it was a little chilly. Despite the weather, I had a wonderful time hanging out with these two, getting to know them more, hearing all the reasons why they love each other and why they can’t wait to be wed. And, we were able to get some pretty great images in between the goosebumps and mud puddles! :) Thanks for adventuring with me, Jessica + Barry! Can’t wait for your August wedding!

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jordan + molly // birmingham, mi

Sunshine + laughter filled the air on this Friday in April. It was a beautiful day for a wedding and I was honored to be their to celebrate with Jordan + Molly. The entire event was held in Birmingham, Michigan – just minutes from where Molly grew up. The ceremony was at her family’s church – Our Lady Queen of Matyrs and the reception followed at The Townsend Hotel in downtown Birmingham. Molly was radiant – a calm and lovely bride. Jordan was dapper, happy and ready to marry his love. These two had been together for a while and you could sense the anticipation and joy that their wedding day had finally come.

Jordan + Molly, thank-you for allowing me to be a part of your day – it was absolutely wonderful through and through!
See those little kiddos back there? Molly is a kindergarden teacher and she invited her class to the ceremony! The priest was sure to include them in the event!

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Well, spring is upon us and it seems that summer may be creeping in here very quickly… which I wouldn’t mind :). I apologize for the quietness on the blog the past few weeks. In April, I took about two weeks off – one week to reunite with my photography kin and one week to spend in the mountains of Asheville, NC celebrating the anniversary of my dear friends. Then, just like that, we were home and the flowers were blooming and sessions were in full swing and the wedding season kicked off. Phew.

As I figure out the new rhythm of the season, I’m excited for the newness that is to come in the next few months. New couples, new marriages, new families, new destinations… this summer is bound to be a great one and I can’t wait to share the adventures along the way! Tomorrow, I’m thrilled to share my 100th wedding with you – Jordan + Molly’s beautiful Birmingham nuptials from early last month. But while you wait in suspense, I thought I would share a few of my favorite images from the lifestyle family sessions I’ve had the passed few weeks!

First up, Baby Lucy, with her awesome parents, Mike + Janelle:

I was honored to spend some time with this handsome fella, Adam, who is no stranger to my camera! I can’t believe he is two already!!

Last week, I got to spend a couple hours with Paige and her family. Her big sister, Alaina, absolutely adores her and I thoroughly enjoyed capturing some sweet moments with them.

And finally, I’d like you to meet, Silas! This sweet babe is the firstborn of Tim + Lauren, dear friend’s of mine from our college days. The last time I photographed these two was on their wedding day, back in 2009. Amazing to see where life has taken all of us since then :)

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james + sam // michigan wedding photography

I met Sam several years ago. We were both in college and shared mutual friends. From the moment I met her, I remember her being a sweet, happy individual and I always loved catching up with her whenever I could. One of my first memories of James coincidentally, is at a wedding! He and Sam had been dating for a few months and she was a bridesmaid at a wedding I was attending. At one point, during the reception, the power went out (yes, true story) and James immediately dove in – helping locate and pick-up a generator so that the party could continue. Instantly, I could tell he was confident, yet gracious and kind… and he made Sam even happier than she ever had been. I knew right then that they were made for each other.

Over the last few months as I’ve gotten to know them as a couple and learned more about the two of them, I’ve come to realize that they actually are perfect for each other :) James + Sam adore one another, make each other laugh constantly and deeply care + respect for each other and their loved ones. It was pure joy to watch these two interact with each other and their guests on their wedding day. I’m pretty sure they didn’t stop smiling all day long – they were just too excited that their wedding had finally come! They were wed at Baldwin Street CRC in Jenison, MI and celebrated at Wallinwood Springs Golf Club nearby. The typical March weather tried to “rain” on this party… but as I learned over a year ago, James (+ Sam) won’t let a good party be stopped by anything ;) Congratulations, you two! Enjoy the preview of your day!

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