It was back in… January, I think. I got a call from my little brother. He is currently residing in Spokane, Washington where he attends college. A call from him wasn’t out of the ordinary – we often chat a few times a week. This time, though, he was calling me because he had a very important question to ask.

After some small talk, he got right down to it… “So, mom offered to let me use her original engagement ring to propose…” (A few years back, my mom decided to have her engagement/wedding bands redone, but she had kept the original settings all this time.) He continued, “I talked to both David and Peter [our older brothers], now I just wanted to make sure that it would be ok with you if I give mom’s ring to Korena…”

I quickly replied that I would be completely ok with him proposing with that ring (!!) and off he went to figure out the logistics. It was a couple months before he asked his beautiful girlfriend, Korena, to marry him, but within a week of his proposal, Jonathan and I bought tickets to Washington. We couldn’t wait to spend time with them, see their city and of course, photograph an engagement session for them. I couldn’t wait any longer to share these pictures!

Here’s a closeup of THE ring… The setting is my mom’s engagement ring given to her in 1976 by my dad. There is a matching band which Korena will as use as her wedding band. The bracelet in the picture is my dad’s from my parents’ dating days… Christopher wears it almost daily. Oh, and the diamond? That was from one of my grandpa’s rings! How my youngest brother got away with all the good jewelry? Still figuring that one out ;)

One last thing… Kori’s hairpiece from the coffee shop photos is from a local boutique in Washington called Veda Lux! Check them out: Website | Facebook


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