Ironically, the call came while we were sitting at MadCap Coffee. (Christopher has become a coffee “connoisseur” since he moved out to Washington.) There I was, with Jonathan, just working + drinking a mocha when my phone lit up. “Oh my gosh… It’s Christopher…” I said nervously and excitedly. I slowly picked up the phone + answered, already anticipating what the conversation may hold. Within a matter of seconds, my suspicions had been confirmed: My baby brother had proposed + she said yes!! And so, the wedding planning began :)

On a sunny Saturday in October, our immediate families gathered at Chino Hills State Park in California to witness these two become one. It was a sacred + beautiful ceremony filled with laughter + tears. Following the ceremony, we headed to Kori’s parents house 10 minutes away where friends + family gathered to eat good food, drink some great coffee, and celebrate the union.

I consider it an honor to photograph every single wedding I attend, but to capture my little brother’s wedding was definitely extra special. Words cannot completely describe that day or the days + weeks surrounding it. I’m beyond thrilled to welcome Kori into the family as my new sister, I’m genuinely happy for both of them, and I sincerely hope these photos do their day justice.

Without further adieu…

Thank-you to Kori’s amazingly wonderful family for opening their home and putting on a great afternoon celebration. (Oh, and a big thanks for letting your daughter marry my little bro ;))A huge shout-out to Handsome Coffee Roasters – our personal baristas for the afternoon!


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