Have you ever met someone and wondered why you had never met them before? Either because they are pretty great and you click so well or you have a lot of mutual friends… or, both? I met Jenn under unfortunate circumstances… we were both in Detroit for a funeral. However, during our conversation, we found that we both lived in Grand Rapids and her and her husband formerly attended the church that Jonathan and I now attend. We didn’t just have one mutual friend, we had many! This small conversation lead to more coffee and conversation – except this time, on our side of the state.

Jenn is a fabulous massage therapist at Sapid Massage Studio in Wyoming, MI. Her in-home studio is cozy and comfortable…. I know, because I’ve visited… and I’m now a massage believer. Colin & Jenn have been married three years and love their “little” son, Winston… a Bull Mastiff lab mix (did I get that right??). It was a delight to hang out with them – oh, and snap a few pictures, too ;)

And then, we ended our session at Ellsworth Street ;)

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