The past couple weeks have definitely been a reminder that wedding days require flexibility and creativity because you never can be sure how the weather is going to cooperate. In a matter of a week, I shot one 55-degree wedding and another 85-degree wedding… within 50 miles of each other! Oh, Michigan!  That being said, though… I think summer is finally here! I’m going to soak in every last bit of it because before we know it, we’ll be getting the sweaters back out! (… just keepin’ it real, folks ;))

Drew and Christy were the “lucky” 85-degree wedding couple. This past Saturday in Grand Rapids, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and their friends and family were ready for these two to finally say “I do!” (sorry for the rhyming…). The couple said their vows in the chapel at Ada Bible Church and celebrated at Boulder Creek Golf Club. The day was full of love, laughs – a beautiful event for the young couple promising forever to each other. Have I ever mentioned that I love my job?

Fun fact: This is the second time that I have photographed a wedding officiated by this pastor (and I have yet to be disappointed ;)).

Two of my brides – Kendra (5/8/10) and Christy (6/4/11)! Yay!


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