Adoption is an amazing, beautiful way to grow a family in the same way that having biological children is amazing and beautiful. I feel blessed to have been instilled with that value at a young age. Having been around families with adopted children or foster children for as long as I can remember, I have always believed that adoption is simply another natural way of growing a family and I never had to think twice about it!  I have four adopted family members… two cousins and a niece and a nephew – a set of twins. To be honest, I often “forget” that any of these individuals are adopted because they are just as much a part of this family as I am. My adopted cousins are no different than my biological cousins and the twins are just as important, loved and valued as any of my other nieces or nephews… what a beautiful, beautiful thing!

One family that has inspired me to think more about the importance and beauty of foster care and adoption is the B-family (name withheld by request). This amazing couple has been called to be foster parents and to adopt. As their family grows, they continue to graciously share their joys and struggles through a blog and podcasts. By sharing their story, they are able to spread a positive message about fostering/adoption and encourage others to become involved. It has been incredible to follow their journey… and even more fun to actually meet two of their kids! In July, these two little boys will officially have their forever home… they will be forever loved, forever cared for and forever a part of this beautiful family. I feel honored to be a part of this story…


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