This day, four years ago, looked a lot different than today. For one, it was close to 50 degrees, sunshine, blue skies, and no snow for miles. There wasn’t a holiday meal to be shared – that had come + gone (and if I remember correctly, it was a pretty low-key celebration that year). We weren’t driving across the state together. We woke up in metro Detroit, in separate houses, and spent the mornings in different ways (you got to sleep in a heck of a lot longer than me that day ;)). I did blog that morning and we were going to spend the whole day with family, so I guess, in those regards, that was the same (ha!). Four years ago today, we weren’t celebrating Thanksgiving, but as I recall that day, I have much to be thankful for.

Jonathan, I am thankful for your constant care and integrity. I’m thankful for your honesty and your sense of humor. I’m thankful for your leadership and the way you strive to be a better man, a better spouse, a better friend. I’m thankful for your support and encouragement. I’m thankful that you choose to love me and be my lifelong partner every day. I’m thankful that you are my best friend – even more today than you were four years ago. This year, we share our anniversary with Thanksgiving – and I couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy the day than with you by my side, spending time with our families and celebrating gratitude + the blessings in our life.

Thanks for being you, hubs. Happy Anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving! I love you to the moon + back! ;)
JennAnibal-Personal-01a look back… YEAR ONE // YEAR TWO // YEAR THREE // ps, that wedding photo? my pal ABBY took that one, and all the other wedding photos you’ll ever see ;)

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