Well, July has come and gone… and as August quickly passes, I wanted to take a minute to fill you in on some of the wonderful lifestyle sessions I was able to partake in in the toasty month of July (seriously, could it have been any hotter??).

There were so many babies and little ones to photograph! What a joy! I loved being invited in the lives of each of these families. For some, this is not the first time I’ve told part of their story – and each and every time, it’s a greater joy to see how the kids have grown, how the parents have learned, how families have changed and how the stories have continued to unfold. I wish I had the time to go into detail about each of these wonderful kiddos and families because a few images cannot give justice to all the awesome people in this post. However, I hope you enjoy a little glimpse into their lives and the beauty that each family possesses.

I had the privilege of spending a quiet morning with Adam and his parents – for the third time :) This time, he is a big one-year-old!

Last time I hung out with Ryan, he was about 3-weeks old. Now, he’s already 6-months old and such a happy, smiley babe!

Beautiful Grace, a vibrant, adventurous 3 1/2 year-old. We spent a hot, sunny morning exploring the fields and forests for Tigers and Bears…

Lucy is learning to love her little brother, James, and what it means to be a big sister :)

On a summer evening in the park, I met Andreas + Nikki to tell a bit of their maternity story. It’s been a long journey to parenthood and I was so honored to be able to spend some time with them and hear about the joys and challenges they have faced and make some really wonderful images of the “three” of them :) You can’t read all of it in this frame, but Andreas’ shirt says, “be a part of something beautiful”. Thank-you, A + N, for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful story – I can’t wait to meet your sweet baby next month!

I met sweet Ella when she was just a couple weeks old. She’s the firstborn, born on the 4th of July and her parents delight in her so much!

I photographed our dear friends, Sasha + Cody, just a couple weeks before they met their daughter…
… and their sweet Ember arrived a little early, but she is just as precious as can be. Sasha + Cody are awesome new parents, for real.

And of course, no summer month would be complete without a couple weddings. I’m excited to share with you the full wedding previews of Mike + Maggie and Mike + Kyle in the coming days! Here’s a sneaky peek of what you’re going to see…

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