One of the wonderful benefits of living on the west side of the state is the proximity to Lake Michigan. It’s a really gorgeous body of water with expansive sands and dunes and quaint lake towns. Within 45 minutes, we can be out our door in Grand Rapids and sitting on the beach at the Lake. It’s absolutely delightful. Last night, on our weekly date night, Jonathan and I decided to adventure to the water. We opted for dinner via Butch’s Beach Burritos and ice cream from Dairy Treat before we walked the pier to witness the beautiful sunset.

Spending a few hours out there together as the day ended reminded us both of the very first time we experienced Grand Haven. It was the last Saturday in August, in 2005 and I had just moved in to the dorms at GVSU a few days before. Determined to know my surroundings and convince myself that there was more to West Michigan than cornfields, Jonathan drove me around all day. We found the city, the mall and eventually decided that if we drove straight west, we should be able to find the water. We stumbled upon Grand Haven State Park shortly before sunset. As we sat on the beach together that evening and took it all in, I realized, I was gonna be ok. I knew I was eventually going to like West Michigan… even if I only liked the Lake.

…Now, almost 7 years later, I’m still here in West Michigan, enjoying the short drive to the lake, the awesome little city of Grand Rapids and everything in between. Amazing how life works out!

Here we are, from that evening in 2005… lookin’ like little kids:
And here are a few iPhone frames from last night!

Excited to share my last few June weddings with you soon!

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