Happy Friday, everyone! Today, we are excited to share the engagement session of Libby + Jim! We photographed their session a couple months ago on a quiet, mild spring afternoon… so why share this blog post now? Because… today is their WEDDING DAY!! Later this afternoon, these two will become husband + wife – yay!!

We are so excited to celebrate with them… especially because their story has been decades in the making – literally! Libby + Jim have actually known each other since they were toddlers and attended the same daycare. They have limited memories of their childhood interactions, but do recall knowing each other. After sharing the same babysitter for a couple years, elementary school took them separate ways. Their paths intersected from time to time over the years, without them knowing it! In high school, they even competed in some of the same track + field events even though they were at different schools! Finally, years later, their preschool babysitter (who was a mutual family friend) set Libby + Jim up on a “blind date”. After officially “meeting” and getting to know each other as adults… they hit it off! They have been inseparable ever since! :)

These two share such a sweet relationship – we love the way they make each other laugh and are always up for an adventure. They respect and care for each other so well and make a great team. We are excited to see where this marriage journey leads them! Without further adieu, meet Libby + Jim!

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