I was painting my nails on the bathroom floor of my parent’s house (stick with me ;)). It was Thanksgiving morning and the house was quietly preparing for the afternoon’s events. Jonathan stayed close, even though he hates the smell of nail polish. All of a sudden, my phone rang.

“Jonathan, my phone is in my pocket, could you get it for me?” Rachel was calling… which wasn’t out of the ordinary, but we had been hanging out the night before, so for her to call me less than 12 hours later, I was a bit suspicious. He quickly handed me the phone and after a few minutes of small talk (she always drags out important news!!), she said, “I just sent you a picture text, you should look at it.” There, to my delight, my surprise and my shock, was a picture of Rachel with a diamond on her left hand. Jonathan, of course, knew this was coming and smiled as I tried to figure out how to cry and laugh and speak at the same time…

Over, the past 7 years, Rachel has become one of my best friends. We met in college at GVSU and finding we had similar values and interests, ended up spending most of our free time together. My husband, Jonathan, has known Jonno (whose real name is also Jonathan) almost his entire life (literally). These two are responsible for some of our best memories and have walked through some of life’s deepest trials with us.

Luckily for us, in the past year, Jonno + Rachel have fallen in love, gotten engaged and are making plans for their April wedding – aww yea!
The fact that one of my best friends is becoming a wife? AWESOME.
The fact that she’s marrying my husband’s best friend?

Words seriously can’t describe what a blessing these two are to us… but hopefully I can come up with at least a few words for my toast ;). Rachel + Jonno, we love you both dearly, we are so excited for you two and cannot wait to be married-couple-friends!! Yay!

And now, here are some of the results from our chilly December day together…


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