There are a million things I could say about this wedding and this couple. I could tell you about the beautiful reception venue that made the celebration feel like a garden party. I could tell you about her dress – a BHLDN original that was swoon-worthy… Or the perfect bouquets and intricate DIY details. I could tell you about the bridal party and how each and every one of them makes life a little more fun. And then, I could continue to tell you about their awesome parents who deeply care and respect these two and their desire to be married… as well as the church full of individuals who love and encourage this couple and want nothing but the best for them. I could even tell you about how Shaun is sincere, but hilarious and how Mackenzie is so sweet and such an amazing woman… and it would all be true.

But what I want to tell you most, is that Shaun loves Mackenzie to the moon and back and she feels the exact same way about him. Shaun absolutely adores Mackenzie – he cherishes her and treats her like a queen. Mackenzie delights so much in Shaun – it is evident with every word she speaks about him, even when he’s not around. Over the past few months, has become clear to me that these two are perfect for each other and that they came together at the perfect time for a really wonderful purpose. Even through their dating and engagement time, life has thrown it’s curveballs, but these two have stood strong together and I know they will continue to grow strong as husband and wife. I was deeply honored to be invited into this story for many, many reasons and I’m thrilled to finally share a little bit of it with you today. Congratulations, Shaun + Mackenzie!
Love this shot that Jonathan snuck of Mackenzie’s dad reading a note from her while the guys got ready…“Big Shaun, here comes your girl!”


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