At the end of January, Jonathan + I found ourselves in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. We were there with two of our dearest friends – exploring, resting, visiting a coffee farm, and more! We did a similar trip a couple years ago when we traveled to Guatemala with them. Soon, I’ll be blogging about our whole Costa Rican experience, but first, I want to share a preview of the couple’s photo shoot we did while we were there. Because, when you’re in the rainforest with your spouse, why not get some photographs taken? :)

The weather was not “ideal” for a photo shoot – but it was the perfect rainforest day! It was warm + misty all morning… with no signs of stopping… so we decided to go for it! The property we were staying at in El Castillo provided the most beautiful backdrop – and these two were even willing to hike down the muddy trail to the adjacent river for a few pictures!

Without further adieu, I’d love to introduce Steve + Rachel… in the Costa Rican rainforest… on one adventurous afternoon ;)

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