What a blessing it is to share this life with Jonathan… to dream, to grow, to travel, to enjoy this crazy adventure together. I couldn’t be more humbled and joyful to have this man by my side. And today, we celebrate 3 years of marriage together!There were a lot of things I thought I had figured out when we got married. I mean, by the time I walked down the aisle, we’d known each other for 17 years and had dated for almost 5 years… and yet, somehow, 3 years into marriage, this man still continues to amaze me!

Our third year has been a learning year, a transitional year and a growing year. In the past 365 days, we’ve witnessed our best friends marry each other (score!). I moved on from my part-time position and became a full-time photographer (yay!). We moved out of our first apartment and into a house with a pretty rad couple to experience what it means to live in community. We helped start an urban farm with our GR “family”. We welcomed my brother + his wife to the Mitten state and were overjoyed to meet our sweet niece Lexi a few months ago. We made new friends, strengthened old relationships and learned more healthy rhythyms of caring for each other, our loved ones and those around us. This past year has had more mountains than valleys and for that I’m truly grateful.

Now, what would be a photo blog withought a few photos? :) In June, a few weeks before we left our first home, we invited our dear friend, Alyssa, into our home to commemorate our time and space in the place we spent our first few wonderful and challenging years of marriage….
Year THREE – you’ve been good to us. Jonathan, I am beyond grateful for who you have been, who you are and who you are becoming as a husband and as a man. I love you to the moon and back and I am honored to walk through this life with you. With that said, and with God in our side, I say, bring it on, number four! :)

a look back… YEAR ONE // YEAR TWO // ps, that wedding photo? my awesome friend ABBY took that one, and all the other wedding photos you’ll ever see ;)


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