April showers, bring May flowers… right? Well apparently, this year we are a month off because May has been quite rainy! It has threatened to cancel many sessions and I find myself constantly checking the weather, forecasts, radar… (it seems like my childhood dreams of being a weatherlady are becoming true!). One thing I have learned this past month: I can stare at a radar all day long and nothing I can do is going to change the weather pattern… Bummer. So, you either learn to reschedule or roll with it. When it comes to a wedding day though… you must choose the latter. But, never fear, brides… Rain on your wedding day is good luck!

For the amount of hours I spent staring at the radar and predicting weather outcomes for this northern Michigan wedding, I was sure the rain was going to clear up (I’m always the optimist!). Unfortunately, the forecast never improved and rain fell all day… but you know what? It did not dampen spirits! Despite the weather, it was truly a beautiful wedding day. Will and Holly pledged forever to each other in a little camp chapel on the shore of Lake Louise in Gaylord, Michigan. It was a wonderful celebration filled with lots of love, happiness and a great party to top it off. I was honored to be a part of this day!

Can’t get enough of this fabulous couple? Check out their Grand Rapids engagement session from last fall on the old blog!


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