Jenn officially established this photography business in 2008 and Jonathan has been shooting with her since he put a ring on her finger in 2009. Together, we have photographed over 200 wedding stories and love working as a team + celebrating with new couples as they step into marriage.

When we’re not out photographing, you might find us going for walks around our neighborhood, hanging out on the beautiful Lake Michigan shore, or enjoying an evening with friends or family. When we have a spare few days, we love to travel – whether it’s exploring our home state or a new city, we crave it!




lead photographer



second photographer

Our story is about 30 years in the making, so to make a long story short…

We met in Kindergarten… then Jenn kissed Jonathan in First Grade… then he asked her out in Seventh Grade (she said no)… then we “dated” in Eighth Grade for a few months… and finally in Twelfth Grade, we realized we mutually liked each other a lot. We spent our college years studying + living two hours a part from each other. Our relationship grew over late night phone conversations + instant messages, weekend visits, and summers spent at home. After four years of dating, Jonathan proposed in the Kindergarten hallway where we had met 17 years prior. We married a short five months later on a crisp, sunny November afternoon.

Marriage was the beginning of a whole new chapter for us. The last thirteen years have been filled with awe-striking highs, gut-wrenching lows, new cities + new friends, travel adventures all over country, and more. We’ll admit that this marriage thing isn’t always easy, but having a partner who is willing to wrestle + dance through this life together with is a gift… and we continue to grow + learn from each other everyday.

Where is home for us?

We were both born + raised in the Mitten state (aka Michigan). Individually + together, we have come to appreciate + love this GREAT Lakes State. We grew up on the “east side” – in the suburbs of Metro Detroit. Her family vacations were to the cottage in “the thumb”. His family vacations were to the chalet in Harbor Springs. College took Jenn to the “west side” where she fell in love with Grand Rapids and Lake Michigan… eventually Jonathan joined her there. Friends, family, and work consistently took us “up north”… now, we will never miss a chance to spend time in Northern Michigan! We spent two years living in downtown Detroit, then a couple years in Holland… and now we are back in Grand Rapids raising a sweet, energetic toddler. Seems like we can’t keep still for long… but we’ve yet to leave this gorgeous state. Which means, we are SUPER familiar with Michigan – and willing to travel all over for photos ;)


FIRST DATE: a Detroit Pistons game in February 2005
FIRST DANCE SONG: I Have and Always Will by Dave Barnes
OUR FIRST APARTMENT: a perfect little one-bedroom in the historical Heritage Hill neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan

SHE LIKES going on hikes + dark chocolate + prefers Lake Michigan to any ocean // HE LIKES downhill skiing + Spartan football (GO GREEN!) + would prefer to wear his Chacos whenever the weather permits

We firmly believe that life should be spent sharing + living good stories. We would be honored to tell yours. Visit the contact page to get in touch with us!