One thing we have not had a lot of in Michigan this winter is… snow. However, I have had a few sessions this winter where the couple has specifically stated, “I think it would be fun to have pictures in the snow!” My response has always been, “Not a problem! It’s Michigan – we will for sure have at least some snow!” I mean, come on, why would we NOT have snow in the winter in Michigan?

Well, fortunately, even though we haven’t had much snow this winter, the little snowstorms we have had have come at the right time for the sessions! One such example of that would be Amber + Pat’s engagement session. I even emailed Amber earlier in the week and asked her, “If there is no snow, should we still do the session this weekend?” Fortunately, they were up for anything and we actually ended up getting a few inches of fresh snow the night before their sessions. Yay!

I loved getting to know these two more and watch them interact and brave the elements. They love to have a great time and know exactly how to make each other smile and laugh. They will be wed this fall in September – I know it will be a good time!

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