Jonathan and I were driving across the state on a sunny Thursday afternoon, when I received this text from my friend, Stacie, “Hey… wondering how busy you are the next couple days? Any free time?” Now, this is a normal text to receive, especially when Stacie and I had been chatting about grabbing coffee to catch-up… But when she called me a few minutes later needing to talk about specific details, I was a little caught off guard, to say the least. Let me rewind a bit…

Stacie, is married to Ben. They’ve been married almost six years and in that time have traveled the world together, lived in a few places (near and far), studied for graduate degrees, and shared a passion for students – specifically college students. Currently, they find themselves working at a college ministry in Michigan where they spend all hours of the day hanging out with and mentoring students (these two are pretty rad!). Throughout their relationship, Ben + Stacie have accomplished many dreams together, but there has been one that has specifically been on their hearts and minds in the most recent years – they have dreamt of being parents and raising a family! After much prayer, consideration and anticipation, it became evident that they should begin the journey to adopt. So they started the process, filed paperwork and readied their hearts to become adoptive parents. On Monday, February 18th, when almost everything was complete, Ben + Stacie joyfully emailed their close friends and family to announce that they were officially pursuing adoption! At that point, all they had left to do was wait…… and that waiting could take anywhere from three months to three years. So they invited their close community to pray for them and join in the excitement of anticipating a little one with them.

The next day (about 12 hours after sending the email), Ben + Stacie got a phone call from their case worker that would change their lives. A baby boy had been born on Monday and needed a home! “Would you like to be considered by the birth mom to adopt this baby boy?” the case worker asked them. This shocked Ben + Stacie because they were told they would probably wait at least a few months to hear anything and they still had a few minor paperwork things on their end to wrap up. The case worker assured them they could be considered if they were willing, but they needed to respond ASAP. Within the hour, Ben + Stacie affirmed that they would like to be considered as parents and they spent the afternoon chatting about potential baby names, praying and waiting…

Wednesday morning, the case worked called once again and announced that Ben + Stacie had been chosen by the birth mom!! The wait was over – they were finally going to be parents! They immediately jumped in the car and headed to the hospital a few hours away. That afternoon, less than 48 hours after announcing their plans to adopt, Ben + Stacie were holding their SON. That little one was a miracle, a blessing and the sign of many promises fulfilled. They named him Jaden, which means, “God hears us.” God had heard Ben + Stacie’s desire to become parents and blessed them with a handsome and healthy little child. What a joy!

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When Stacie called me that Thursday afternoon and said, “Jenn, I’m looking at my husband right now as he holds our son” it came as quite a surprise, since three days earlier I had received that email from them!! We immediately scheduled a newborn session and I could hardly wait to meet the sweet babe! Jaden is already loved by many and it was such a joy to spend a few hours with the three of them celebrating his arrival. Without further adieu, here are a few images of Jaden on one of his first days home with his mom + dad!

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  1. Laura Webber

    Absolutely beautiful! {I cried!} I’m so happy for all three!

  2. Thank you for sharing these sweet and life-changing images, Jen. I am in awe of God’s goodness and his promises to fulfill. I am not shocked though because these two have hearts of gold and I know that God sees that. Thanks again for sharing these precious moments.

  3. Julie Postmus

    coolest story ever. love this. and the pictures are great too :)

  4. Eileen Moelker

    God is so good…ALL THE TIME. Brought tears to my eyes in joy for both of you. God has indeed blessed you with a beautiful little boy, hand picked by God himself! But little Jaden is SO BLESSED to have the both of you as his parents! Cherish these days…they tend to grow up way too fast! Congratulations!

  5. Jan Stravers

    Not only do you guys look happy, but the baby looks happy! That brought tears to my eyes. You guys started out parenthood like we did — one day notice, not a diaper or pin or bottle in the house…. what an adventure!

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  7. Lindsey Rebhan

    This is so beautiful – the pictures and the story. so many blessings and congratulations to these parents!

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