Years ago, a couple of redheads named Sydney & Emma entered my life. At that time, they were my mom’s boss’ daughters, but over time they became some of my favorite kids to babysit and my dear little friends. I spent numerous hours at their house baking cookies or playing games or celebrating their birthdays. Eventually, I went off to college and my time spent with these girls were far and in between. But anytime I have the chance to see them or hang out with the family it’s still always a true delight. They will always have a special place in my heart :) Here’s a picture from last November at my wedding:

A couple weeks ago, I met two beautiful redheads who instantly reminded of Sydney & Emma. These little ones, Mary-Claire & Elizabeth were also a delight to spend time with and I felt like we had an instant bond. We played inside and even braved the chilly almost-winter air for some outside shots – they were troopers! These two girls and their parents are eagerly anticipating the final addition to their family – another baby girl – in February! Of course, we had to give their glowing momma the spotlight, too. Thanks for a fun morning, you guys!

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  1. Love these pictures! =) Beautiful family and great shots Jenn!

  2. Awww Jen, so sweet! Nice work! You can’t even tell Elizabeth had a black eye. :)

  3. aw, i love the family shots at the end! the girls have grown so much since i saw them last. great job, jenn!

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