The anticipation of a new life, a new blessing growing inside you… what a miracle! I’ve recently had the joy to photograph a few different pregnancies (tis the season?) and it’s amazing to me how unique each pregnancy is – just like each child. I once read an article in one of my classes that stated that the concept of a “mother” denotes a relationship, not a title. So, they concluded, being a mother means to have a unique relationship with each child – whether you have 1 child or 10 – you become a mother every time a new life is brought into the family. I often think of that with each maternity session I photograph. This woman is becoming a mother – whether for the first time or the 3rd time. Each pregnancy is precious, each mother-child relationship is unique… and such a miraculously beautiful thing.

Brandon & Melissa are anticipating the birth of the first baby… a little girl. Individually they will each become Daddy & Mommy for the first time – and together, they will leap into parenthood. It was an honor to cherish these moments for them!

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