One year ago today, was a sweet, sweet day. The sun was shining, the air was crisp… spring was just beginning in Michigan. But also – it was early April of 2020… which means the global pandemic had settled in and lockdowns were on the rise. Personally, we were new parents who hadn’t seen family in weeks. Professionally – our job was on the line… would weddings even happen this year?? There were a lot of unknowns, but one thing was certain… Cody + Julia were so in love and so ready to get married. As their friends, we were determined to help make that happen as best we could.

So, we met them up north… just our two little families. With a lot of safety precautions taken, we tucked ourselves away in the woods of Harbor Springs. In a short, sweet afternoon ceremony, we witnessed Cody + Julia’s vows to each other. Tears were shed, laughter was shared, and there was so much love. It may have been a bit spontaneous + chaotic, but it was so beautiful and so joyful.

Cody + Julia – we are grateful for you. Thank-you for finding each other, for saying ‘yes’ to this journey together, and for allowing us to celebrate along side you. We wish you many, many years of happiness together!

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