Have you ever met someone and wondered why you had never met them before? Either because they are pretty great and you click so well or you have a lot of mutual friends… or, both? I met Jenn under unfortunate circumstances… we were both in Detroit for a funeral. However, during our conversation, we found that we both lived in Grand Rapids and her and her husband formerly attended the church that Jonathan and I now attend. We didn’t just have one mutual friend, we had many! This small conversation lead to more coffee and conversation – except this time, on our side of the state.

Jenn is a fabulous massage therapist at Sapid Massage Studio in Wyoming, MI. Her in-home studio is cozy and comfortable…. I know, because I’ve visited… and I’m now a massage believer. Colin & Jenn have been married three years and love their “little” son, Winston… a Bull Mastiff lab mix (did I get that right??). It was a delight to hang out with them – oh, and snap a few pictures, too ;)

And then, we ended our session at Ellsworth Street ;)

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  1. Abby Veldman

    Maddox loves the dog… as well as me… LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Jenn Ellsworth

    Thanks Abby! He is 120 pound bull mastiff and lab mix. The problem is he thinks he is a lap dog :)

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