As the weddings wind down (one more for 2010!) and the cold weather sets in, I’m finding a little more space in my schedule. Yes, it sounds crazy to have more time as Christmas nears, but it’s true – rest is on the horizon! I’ve found that working for yourself doesn’t always allow for time off, but back in September, I did have the opportunity for a few days of vacation. My dear friend, Rachel and I flew out to Colorado for a long weekend to visit our other friend, Rori. Rori Jean moved to Boulder, CO last spring and when she left, we vowed we would have a ladies weekend come fall. Well, we put it on the calendar and kept our promise. The four days were filled with lots of laughter, amazing local foods, beautiful landscapes, fancy pedicures, magical mountain towns and too many memories to fit into one post. These two women are a couple of my best friends. They mean the world to me and it’s a joy and a blessing to have them in my life.

My dear friends, thank you for sharing life with me. I look forward to many, many more womens’ weekends to come.

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