I could feel the excitement and joy as I entered the church. Not only was it the day Sarah got to be the bride, but more importantly, it was also the day she was becoming Dan’s wife. Laughter filled the air and [happy] tears streamed down cheeks as everyone prepared for the union that was about to take place.

From the pastor’s message to the stories I heard from friends and family, to the few hours I was able to watch them interact – it was clearly evident that these two are meant for each other. Dan + Sarah possess a deep care, respect and love for one another and being a witness to this occasion was truly an honor.

Congratulations, you two! Many, many blessings on your marriage journey!
Sarah had two pairs of shoes for the day. The flats above for inside and these awesome boots for when she was outside! (perfect for our portrait time!)Sarah also had her ladies bring two pairs of footwear – brown boots for outside and black heels for inside. Again, very wonderful idea for keeping warm during outside portraits :)

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  1. Laura Webber

    Oh, I am loving the outdoor pictures, especially with the snowflakes! And the rings picture is.to.die.for! LOVE!

  2. Aunt Julie Resch

    EXCELLENT Photos! The one outdoor photo of Sarah is fabulous…cant get any better than getting that perfect snowflake to give her a kiss on her eyelash! I LOVE IT! Truly blessed! May God Bless you in your future as he has done in the past and present…we love you Dan & Sarah…Blessings Always,

    Aunt Julie, Uncle John, and your cousins Jason, Matthew, Nico, Kiefer, John, Kyle, and Trinity <3

  3. love them jenn! and love you dan and sarah!

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