I have to tell you about my week. It was madness, really. I won’t go into the details, but due to some scheduling conflicts, weather and unforeseen circumstances, instead of what was supposed to be a quiet week, the schedule had me staying until 1am most nights and waking up as early as 4am at least one morning. The week was full, but it was so good and so worth it… and I want to tell you specifically about one part of my week – the HER conference.

The fabulous Ben + Laura of Harrison Studio hosted the HER photography conference in Grand Rapids, MI – a boutique photo conference for women photographers only. They flew in some of the top photographers & vendors in the nation to our beautiful little city of GR and invited women photographers (from all over the world) to spend 3 days being encouraged, learning new tricks and networking with other ladies in the business. I left every night exhausted, overwhelmed, motivated and inspired. I laughed a lot and I was moved to tears a few times (way to go, sarah and bobbi). I danced really hard, got very little sleep and made new friends. I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity to have some truly amazing business women and photographers come to my city and share their wisdom and experience. Because of this conference, I now have a journal filled to the brim with ideas, advice, new books to read, new products to check out and lists of dreams and goals for the next 1-5 years. I’m SO glad I went and I’m SO pumped that I got to meet some of the people I did and learn the things I learned.

So, why am I telling you this? For one, it was an incredible week and I HAVE to share and secondly (and more importantly), I want to thank you. To you, the reader, my friend and/or my former, current or future “client”… thanks for listening to me, for trusting me with your memories, for be patient with me in these last few weeks of an insanely busy schedule and for keeping me motivated to be a better woman and a better photographer. I’m totally excited to see how my life and my business will be affected by what I learned the past three days, but I know that I couldn’t be where I am currently or go where I want to go without you.

So, thank-you. Really. You’re pretty rad.

And as for more session previews? They are coming… starting with my final September wedding tomorrow ;) But first, a few fun SMILEBOOTH shots…bryan was the only boy allowed. ok, a few others, too… but only if they were cool… like bryan.representing the mitten. mae, jenn, amanda, jill.

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  1. i love you. i feel the exact same way. overwhelmed but so, so inspired. it was a great week and i’m so glad i got to meet you! <3

  2. Rachel Lank

    ahh I wanted to go to that!! Looked like an amazing experience!

  3. Valerie Anibal

    You mean you are even going to be better? Can’t imagine but sure will be watching!

  4. Emily Vermaat

    I heart you and your post! I loved getting to meet you :)

  5. so happy to hear that you had a great time! it was so fun to meet you and hang out for a bit :) i really appreciate your sweet thoughts regarding the conference … means so much to us!

  6. thanks for sharing so many flattering photos of me. ;) but for real, girl, i love your heart, your passion and am so glad that i get to be let into some of it. you’re wonderful, sweet and SO dedicated, and your clients are beyond blessed to work with you. For realz.

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