There’s something about home. Whether it’s the creak of the stairs, the aroma of the kitchen or the way you fit perfectly on the couch… when you are home, you know it.

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to adventure through the backyard of Ian’s home. This backyard was filled with budding trees and twisted vines, sprawling greenery and a winding creek. It even boasted a handcrafted fort – one can only assume that many adventures and mischief took place there! As I wandered through this vast land, I couldn’t help but think of the years of memories these trees witnessed and ripples of the creek possessed. It’s the perfect place to call, home.

As Ian finishes his high school career in the next couple months, it seems so perfect that his senior portraits were taken in that backyard full of familiarity, comfort and life. In June, he’ll be graduating (from my high school alma mater! woohoo!) and embarking on a new journey full of new adventure and opportunities. But, without further adieu, meet Ian!

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