I met Sam several years ago. We were both in college and shared mutual friends. From the moment I met her, I remember her being a sweet, happy individual and I always loved catching up with her whenever I could. One of my first memories of James coincidentally, is at a wedding! He and Sam had been dating for a few months and she was a bridesmaid at a wedding I was attending. At one point, during the reception, the power went out (yes, true story) and James immediately dove in – helping locate and pick-up a generator so that the party could continue. Instantly, I could tell he was confident, yet gracious and kind… and he made Sam even happier than she ever had been. I knew right then that they were made for each other.

Over the last few months as I’ve gotten to know them as a couple and learned more about the two of them, I’ve come to realize that they actually are perfect for each other :) James + Sam adore one another, make each other laugh constantly and deeply care + respect for each other and their loved ones. It was pure joy to watch these two interact with each other and their guests on their wedding day. I’m pretty sure they didn’t stop smiling all day long – they were just too excited that their wedding had finally come! They were wed at Baldwin Street CRC in Jenison, MI and celebrated at Wallinwood Springs Golf Club nearby. The typical March weather tried to “rain” on this party… but as I learned over a year ago, James (+ Sam) won’t let a good party be stopped by anything ;) Congratulations, you two! Enjoy the preview of your day!

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  1. Melissa Kregel

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE! love this couple, had such a good day with all of you! good work Jen!

  2. Jenn, these are SO good. Seriously well done, my friend! I can feel the emotion of this whole day! Love it!

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