You may remember Jason + Katie from their April engagement session on Lake Michigan. If you don’t, or you want a refresher, you should check out their engagement post – because they have a cute love story! :)

One of the first things you may realize when you meet Jason + Katie is that they love traveling + learning about new cultures + experiences new places. As individuals, they traveled all over… and as a couple, their love has taken them all across the U.S. and the Atlantic. But another thing you may realize about them very quickly is that… while these two love traveling the world, more importantly, they have found the world in each other. Their love is deep + committed + genuine. We absolutely love seeing the way they care for each other + bring out the best in one another and we are excited to see where this new chapter of marriage leads them!

Jason + Katie, we wish you both the best in this journey together. Thank-you for inviting us into your story – congratulations, you two!!

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