Katie + Jason are one of those couples that after moments of meeting them, you just know that they were meant for each other. Their intentionality, kindness, values, and joy compliment one another. They love their people fiercely and always strive to see the best in those around them. Their journeys have taken them far + wide… he’s from Texas, she’s from Michigan, and they lived + traveled across the country and around the world. But serendipitously, they both ended up in Scotland last winter where Jason was working. After minimal interaction, they were both smitten immediately and thus began several months of long-distance dating! It wasn’t long though until they realized their connection was strong and they both ended up near Chicago. And this past winter, one-year from when they met, Jason proposed to Katie in Scotland on those same green hills where their love began.

Today, these two will become husband + wife and we are so honored to be witness to their union. We expect lots of laughter, happy tears, and so much joy – because these two are so loved by others and so in love with each other :) Let’s get this party started!!

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