Dear readers, I greatly apologize for the lack of posting the past few weeks. I have been rejuvenating my creative soul with craft projects, spring cleaning and time with family + friends. April was a slow month for me which yielded much time to catch-up on life + business stuff, but also get refreshed for the full wedding season which starts… THIS WEEKEND! Yay! From here until September, there will be at least weekly updates with weddings, babies, families and fun times. So I hope it makes up for my quiet springtime :)

Before the wedding season officially began, I had the joy of traveling down to Tennessee this past weekend. Jonathan and I caravanned with my parents, grandma and my eldest brother + his family. (Unfortunately, the other brothers here and here, couldn’t attend, but we tried to have fun despite their absence ;)). The reason for the trip was to celebrate the union of my dear cousin Blair and his love, Jessie. We had a couple days to enjoy the quaint city of Knoxville in between rehearsal and wedding activities. On our return trip, Jonathan and I took a short detour to through Nashville… because, why not? It was a full, beautiful weekend and I’m so thrilled we were able to enjoy a weekend away with family before the busy season begins.

To begin, a few images from the beautiful, rainy sunset as we headed south…

Rehearsal activities on Friday evening!

(This was the first time I met my cousin’s son, Silas. The last time I “saw” him he was still in his momma’s belly!)

Saturday we wandered around a nature center – enjoying the amazing 80 degrees & sunny spring weather!

I attended the wedding ceremony as a guest… but of course, I had my camera with me… ;)

Our quick two-hour detour through Nashville….

Congratulations, Blair + Jessie! We were so glad to be able to celebrate with you and pray that your marriage journey is blessed and full of joy!!


  1. looks like fun :) Can’t wait to go there this fall!

  2. looks like fun :) Can’t wait to go there this fall!

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