I can remember the day clearly. When we arrived at the wedding site, all plans were a “go” for the outdoor ceremony even though clouds were threatening to change those plans. The guests began to arrive and by ceremony time, it was windy, but there wasn’t a drop of rain – so the outdoor ceremony began.

“Could you grab the umbrellas from the car?” I asked Jonathan. “No matter what happens, I need to keep shooting…” The rain held off through the processional, the special readings and songs, the vows, the rings, the unity sand… and then as the officiant gave her closing remarks, the clouds opened up a rain burst forth, pouring down on the couple as the groom kissed his wife. It was a magical moment…


Hard to believe, but that was almost 2 years ago! Now that beautiful couple has a handsome baby boy named Keegan. What an amazing, beautiful thing it was to witness Mandy & Kris as parents. I have known Mandy since we were five… and now to see her as a wife and a mommy… it was just so cool! Keegan is almost 3 months old – he is adorable, strong and a fiesty little guy. It was an absolute joy to spend the afternoon with Kris, Mandy and Keegan!

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