As I begin to closeout 2010, I’m also doing a little catchup on blogging. Fall raced by, but with winter comes the slowdown months – which means, more time to blog all the wonderful sessions that I didn’t have time to blog before. Yay! Are you ready to meet Kristi + Arden? I put up a teaser picture on my Facebook Fan Page last month… hopefully it held your excitement for a few weeks!

Typically when I do a fall or winter engagement session, I can say to my clients, “Hey, it at least it will be warm on your wedding day!” because often, the wedding will be the following spring or summer when the temperature is warmer. Unfortunately, the fall weather was really chilly for Kristi + Arden’s engagement session… and it probably won’t be much warmer in February on their wedding day. But, a little cold weather never hurt anyone, right? :) I’m excited to capture their wedding – it’ll be the first one of the 2011 season and it’s bound to be a beautiful one!


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