These days, I’m finding that when people younger than me reach particular important milestones… it’s makes me realize two things – one, that life moves quickly and… two, I must be getting old. ;) Take Libby, for instance. I’ve known Libby for years. She’s the sister of one of my 2012 brides, who I have also known for a long time. To me, it seems like it can’t be that long ago that I was in her shoes – starting my senior year. And it also seems like she can’t possibly be a senior already! I remember when she was in elementary school! (Ok, I also realize that making those type of comments means I’m old, too.)

Nonetheless, Libby is a senior this year and that is a wonderful, exciting thing! I was thrilled when she scheduled her senior session with me! Despite the heat and mosquitoes, we had a great time together. So, blog, I’d love for you to meet the beautiful Libby. (And look for her on the blog again next summer when she stands as MOH with her big sister!)…


  1. So Awesome!

  2. So Awesome!

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