We were sitting in a little Ethiopian restaurant just east of downtown. There were eight of us, so we needed two booths… but we all wanted to hear about this girl that Kevin was so smitten with. While we ate dinner, we all tried to listen in closely so we could hear Kevin talk about this sweet girl named Meg. Even though it had only been a couple weeks and they barely knew each other, we could all tell that he was quickly falling for her.

Well, long story short… he did fall for her… and she fell for him! And now, I’m overjoyed to share this engagement session of two dear friends with you. We’ve been able to watch Meg + Kevin fall in love, get engaged and start planning their wedding together. This spring, we will be able to witness them become husband and wife and I cannot wait to celebrate with them!! Until then, enjoy a few of my favorites from their downtown Grand Rapids session!Kevin is an excellent shoe salesman at the local V&A Bootery. If you need a new pair of shoes, he’s your guy ;)My neighborhood is seriously one of my favorite places to photograph!Meg + Kevin’s one request… a few pictures at “their” place :)

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  1. ohhh jenn, i love them! so so so them. the one with the leaves! and the black and white with her arms around his neck! you two make me smile :) great job jenn!

  2. Mr. Burger! Ahhh I love these shots. I think my favorite has to be the leaves covering their faces haha <3

  3. Janelle DeBlaay

    Ummm…seriously, these might be the cutest pictures I’ve ever seen. Love them!

  4. Jenn, oh me oh my, these are so awesome. Yeeeeah girl!

  5. Jenn, I love these!

  6. gorgeouslyromanticallybeautifulstillsoflove’ssoftencounterbetweentwoastheyapproachone/applepiefortheeye!

  7. Jenn, I am so thankful for you AND these beautiful photos!!! Thank you so much! :) I look at these photos multiple times a day and I continue to love them more and more. You are awesome. And just so you know, when Kevin and I are in our 80s, I want to return to that booth in Mr. Burger and recreate those photos. Sound good? Great! :)

  8. Kathy Sanders

    Jenn, you did a wonderful job! You can see the love between Meg & Kevin so clearly. Thank you.

  9. Kevin Sanders

    Oh, Jenn. Thank you for being our friend. and our photographer!!! You have an amazing gift. Thank you so much for these beautiful photos!!!! I can picture these hanging on our walls for many many many years to come! Thank you!!! :D

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