warning: i’m going to say the word “love” a lot in the next few sentences…

As a wedding photographer, it’s kind of important that I love, LOVE. I mean, if I’m going to spend your entire wedding day with you, celebrating YOUR love, and then do that every other weekend with other couples… I think I should be a fan of love. Fortunately, it’s true – I love, LOVE. Ask any one of my friends – it’s no secret. However, I know very well that love does not have to just be between couples. Love comes in all forms: between a parent and a child, between friends, between siblings, from strangers on the sidewalk, from volunteers at the soup kitchen, from the Creator to the created. It can be shared through a simple smile, an encouraging word or a small act of kindness. Anyone has the ability to love and be loved if you allow yourself the chance.

And THAT love, is why I photograph not only weddings, but families, kiddos, friends and travels. It’s about caring more deeply for those around us and celebrating those moments in life when you are so confident that love and goodness are real.

Today, is Valentines Day. Yes, it’s a Hallmark holiday, but it is also a day to celebrate love of all kinds. So, share some love with those around you – those you care about the most and those you might never talk to again. And when today is over, do it again tomorrow… ;)


And, what post is complete without some images? You may have seen a preview of this session on my FACEBOOK page (if not, you should “like” it so you can stay up to date!). I will blog the full session tomorrow, but because little girls are so precious and the love between new parents and their child is so endearing… I had to share another preview today. Blog, meet Bryan, Katie and their sweet baby girl, Emerson:
LOVE this ‘Red Letter Words‘ sign that hangs in Emerson’s nursery. What a beautiful reminder for this little girl…

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  1. That’s it! I am flying you down to take pictures when we have kids. YOU ARE AMAZING! I have been looking and looking for someone like you here and they don’t exist :)

  2. Beautiful post, friend. And a great reminder!

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