If you’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest, I highly recommend you plan a trip there sometime soon. But I warn you… you may fall in love! In the spring of 2008, I traveled to Portland, Oregon… and it took a lot for me to get back on the plane and return to Michigan. It is to date one of the strongest attractions I have felt to a city. My little brother now attends college in Washington and with every story, event and day-trip he shares, I fall more and more jealous of his current location. I wish I had the time & money to go and visit him whenever I could. It’s on the list of one of my next trips to plan, though!

Over two years ago, when I took that trip out to Portland with a group of college peers, Sandra was among one of those in the group. I had briefly known her before through acquaintances, but during that week, our group really bonded and I was able to get to know Sandra more as an individual and the beautiful woman that she is. Now, Sandra is engaged to the love of her life, Kyle – an honest, down-to-earth guy that makes her laugh perfectly and is completely smitten with her. There is an evident joy and love that they share. It was an honor to capture some moments for them.

I have a feeling I know who they were cheering for this past Saturday ;)

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  1. I might be biased, seeing as how I know them and all…but this is by far one of my favorite shoots as of late!

  2. I love all your work, Jenn, but I particularly love your weddings and engagements. You have such a way of capturing the emotion so artfully.

  3. I really love this session. Nice work, friend! :)

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