One of the things we love about our apartment is our front porch.. which we affectionately call, “the stoop” (any Hey Arnold! fans out there?). If you walk, bike or drive by our house, it’s highly likely that you will see either one or both of us on the stoop because if we are home, we’re there (unless it’s too cold outside). Some days, our time on the stoop is especially sweet – whether we are relaxing on a Sunday afternoon, eating a delicious dinner or… playing with sidewalk chalk. This morning, it was the latter that filled up our time.

I took the morning off to play with two adorable boys – Judah, age 4 months and Boaz, age 3 1/2 years. They are two of my nephews and they are visiting us for the week! It was a joy to sit on the stoop, draw with sidewalk chalk, squirt each other with water guns and eat our meals together. Ok, baby Judah just sat and watched us, but Bo and I had a blast.

Happy Tuesday, folks! I hope you are able to enjoy some spontaneous precious moments today.


  1. The boys are so cute!!! :)

  2. The boys are so cute!!! :)

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