From the moment I met Tony + Megan, I liked them… a lot! We met for coffee and talked for what seemed like hours about the two of them, their plans for the future and their wedding day. These two have a sparkle between them that is just contagious. The way they talked about each other and their friends and family brought me joy and I was thrilled when they chose me to capture their wedding story for them… October couldn’t come soon enough!

As their wedding day approached, the forecast was not looking good for that Saturday… or the state of Michigan, in general. Literally, the entire state was green on the radar. I kept my hopes high, but when I woke up that Saturday morning, not much had improved. Fortunately, I just knew Tony + Megan would be up for whatever was thrown their way, so I was excited to see the two of them and celebrate alongside them… rain or shine!

When I arrived at the church, there was laughter and excitement in the air… no rain could put a damper on this party. Our afternoon started with a “first look” which allowed most of the portraits to be done beforehand (and we beat the rain!). The ceremony was simple, honest and sweet and the reception was filled with great food, beautiful toasts, awesome dance moves and all their favorite people. It was one of those weddings we could’ve stayed at all night long. Tony + Megan just have a special “something” together that everyone around can recognize… and that made everything just a little more wonderful for their wedding. :)

Tony + Megan – I’m SO glad we were able to meet each other and that you invited me into your love story. Thank-you for your joy, sincerity and love for each other and those around you. I’m excited for the marriage adventure that lies ahead for you and I know that together, you two will do great things. Best wishes!!
One thing I’ve learned is that doing a First Look does not diminish the significance of the walk down the aisle. In some cases, I totally think it takes away the nerves and truly allows the bride and the groom to soak in the pure emotion of that sacred aisle moment. I loved watching both Tony + Megan’s faces as she walked towards him… The rain joined us after the ceremony while we were in downtown Monroe, but this wedding party rocked it!There’s just something so sweet about a barefoot bride! The image on the right is one of my favorites from the day!

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  1. Oh I LOVE this one Jenn! Beautiful, beautiful work. For some reason, I can’t stop looking at the one of them stopping to smooch in the bubbles… what a sweet moment amidst the craziness. (:

  2. I would love to know the name and location of the church in these pictures

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