my dearest husband,

TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY!! it’s the day we celebrate you + your life and everything you mean to this world!

this past year has been one of your best. you traveled from coast-to-coast – from mountains to riverbanks, desserts to waterfalls. you’ve gotten back into “high school” shape and ran your first 10k race (one of my proudest moments of you)! together, we moved into a new neighborhood and you thrived at the greater opportunities to build community. you challenged yourself and those around you to become better individuals. you stretched your intellect and knowledge through school work, church outlets and life circumstances. every day, you strive to be the best husband, friend, son, brother that you can be… and for that, i am eternally grateful.

my love, i am SO thrilled + honored to share this life with you. i am continually awed by your wisdom, your intuition, your perseverance, your strength and your ability to love deeply. i pray that your 26th year is amazing – full of growth and new adventures. i cannot wait to see what the next 365 days hold!

ps, you are so handsome. thanks for letting me take pictures of you as we adventure :)

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